What are water chestnuts and it’s benefits

Water Chestnut is an aquatic vegetable known as paniphal or singhara in India. This vegetable pertains to China and is one of the common households for them. Its crunchy texture offers us a delicious flavor and it do not loose  its great taste even after cooking or canning. They are good at low calories and is serving as one of the food to be included by the dieters. It is loaded with many nutrition’s and hence is a vegetable for every person to add in their diet. Fresh water chestnuts are having double amount of zinc, potassium, vitamin B and E when compared to the canned one’s. Let us see the benefits offering by this tasty fruit.

[Benefits of water chestnuts in Hindi]

Benefits of water chest nuts

Treats diseases

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The water chest nut is very effective in treating variety of diseases. It eradicates health disorders such as anemia, bronchitis, sore throat and leprosy. The fruit is beneficial also for controlling diarrhea problem. Did you ever find any medicine in the market that will help in preventing or overcoming so many diseases and health conditions together? But the water chest nut does it exclusively.

Removes toxins

Toxins are the most harmful particles present in your body. It generally takes place due to pollution, adulteration in food and other environmental factors. Have water chestnuts in either the form of raw or juice to flush out toxins from the body. This fruit also help to stay away from urine infections. Water chestnuts are sweet, bitter, cool and heavy that helps to controls jaundice and loose motions. They also keep your body cool and improve the production of saliva.

Maintains healthy lifestyle

To maintain the healthy lifestyle, water chestnuts are one of the perfect foods to consume. They are available with low calories and high nutrients. They give nearly 0.1 gram fat from a cup. So it is a healthy option to rely on. You can easily win over your lifestyle option if the naturally obtained chest nut is consumed. Have it today and see an improvement in your lifestyle.

Proper working of thyroid gland

You must have come across many individuals who get sudden increase in height and weight. This is basically due to thyroid problem. The regular intake of water chestnuts maintains the proper mechanism of the thyroid gland through its minerals iodine and manganese. The thyroid gland will properly run with water chestnut intake.

Increase appetite

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Most of the kids cannot consume food. It is just because they don’t have proper appetite. But parents are in a habit of forcing children to intake food. To increase appetite in children as well in adults water chestnuts helps you. Feed your child with the water chest nut and see how well they consume their food. This is a natural way to increase appetite in kids.

Removing cough and cold

One of the natural remedy to reduce cough problem is through consuming water chestnuts in the powder form. Grind the water chestnuts and mix it to sufficient amount of water or juice. Consume it for twice a day to reduce the cough problem. Due to change in season people suffers from cough and cold. We all know that consuming vitamin C can help reducing such trouble. This water chestnut contains ample amount of vitamin C which helps removing cough and cold.

Helps treating inflammation

If you have issues with inflammation due to injury, water chestnuts can be a good option. To eliminate blood impurities and inflammations water chest helps you a lot. They are also considered as energy boosters and reduce tiredness. Inflammation is something that takes place due to variety of reasons. If you have such tendency now and then, avail a natural way. Yes, water chestnuts can be a best way.

Treats eczema

Skin problem has become very common these days.  Eczema is one of the common issues associated with individual’s skin health. The water chest nuts can help you stay away from such trouble. Powder the water chestnuts and mix it with lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the eczema affected areas to gradually slow down the problem.

Treats measles

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Water chestnuts with their healthy properties effectively treat the conditions like measles. For this prepare water chestnut solution by boiling water chestnuts in the water. Continue drinking this solution for  6 to 9 days to get amazing results.

Blood purification

We all are the victim of all types of impurities. The carbon particles and dust that we inhale from the polluted environment will give rise to impurities within our body. Due to this our blood also becomes impure. You need to make your blood pure in a natural way. This is only possible with the naturally obtained water chestnuts. Water chestnuts are known to purify blood in the body through which it promotes for healthy and glowing skin. (61 words)

Relieving swollen skin

Many people have experienced skin getting swollen. As soon as they get up from bed during one fine morning, they get their skin getting swollen. But water chest nut will remove this swollen skin. Grate the skin of water chestnuts and dry it in the sun. Then prepare paste from the powder by adding some water and apply over the swollen skin areas to give relief.

Hydration for your body

Not all of us wish to drink water on a regular basis. As a result our body becomes dry and gives rise to variety of problem. But today, the water chestnut has taken a positive turn. Since it is a juicy fruit, consuming it will help gaining some water inside your body. You can have it during hot summer day and stay hydrated. This will compensate the water content in your body.


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Apart from the health and skin benefits water chestnuts are also offering hair benefits. As discussed they are helpful in removing toxins from the body including the toxins that damages the hair. For the healthy hair essential nutrients like zinc, potassium, Vitamin B and E are necessary which you will get from the water chestnuts.

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[Benefits of water chestnuts in Hindi]