Top home remedies to stop, control the hiccups

[Home remedies to control the hiccups in Hindi]

Hiccups can be extremely uncomfortable. This is the reason you can look for some of the trusted home based solutions which can really save you from having hiccups. You never know but hiccups can happen at any point of time. It makes you feel so badly uncomfortable that you can’t even talk and concentrate. This is when you can take to some of the quick remedies which will help you control the hiccups in time and get rid of the discomfort. A glass of water or a gentle pressure can really help in curing the condition. In case you find that you are not able to control the condition you can hide for some time and manage the hiccups.

The trusted home remedies for hiccups

Pressing the palm with the thumb can stop hiccups

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When you have hiccups you can press the palm of the right hand with the thumb of the left hand and vice versa. It is best if you can put in more pressure. You can even cause squeezing of the ball of the left thumb and for this you should place the same between the thumb and the forefinger of the right hand. This way you can affect the nervous system and the pain that is caused is a sort of distraction which will help you get relief from the hiccups. You can make the action happen just under the table so that no one can see you.

Take a deep breath to control hiccups

When you are having hiccups it is time that you take the deepest breath. You should hold the breath for some time. When you do this the lungs get filled with carbon dioxide and in the process the diaphragm is made to relax. Once the relaxation happens you feel at the best and in the process you can get rid of the hiccups.

Just move out of sight to control hiccups

If you want to get rid of hiccups it is best that you hide yourself. Just make sure to close your ears with your fingers for some time. You can even press the soft areas just behind your earlobes and this is based just at the below of the skull. This will help you to relax for some time and the sense of relaxation is sent through the vagus nerves and this causes connection to the diaphragm area. After some time you can sense the relaxation and eventually the hiccups are gone.

Stick out your tongue to cure hiccups

If you are having hiccups and you want to control the same at the earliest it is best that you make the tongue stick out once you are out of sight. When you are doing this you are sure to look so badly rude. This is done by most of the actors and the singers as this causes stimulation of the opening between the areas of the glottis. This makes you breathe more smoothly and the spasms causing the hiccups are made to quell. This is the exercise which is sure to help you get rid of the hiccups at the earliest.

Cider vinegar can cure hiccups

The intake of the cider vinegar can help you get rid of the hiccups. Vinegar is sure not to taste good but it is definitely going to cure the hiccups in the least time. You can even suck the dill pickle in order to get rid of the hiccups.

The best things to do in order to avoid hiccups

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When you are having hiccups you can drink cold water and this will shock the system and cause the hiccups to stop. A shock causes distraction and this is the reason you should drink the water in time. For this take a glass of cold water and add honey to the same. On drinking the same you can get rid of the hiccups at the earliest. To make the hiccups go you can gargle with cold water and after this the hiccups should be gone forever. You can even take a small piece of ice and suck it well in order to get rid of hiccups. You can even drink water upside down in order to get rid of the discomfort at the earliest.

[Home remedies to control the hiccups in Hindi]