How to keep your lungs healthy?

Even when the nose can be an essential protection against agents with the environment, the lung is used as a second line connected with defense. It is very important that your lungs should be kept free from any sort of health ailments. Here are seven ways to keep the lungs healthy and in good condition. Lungs are an important part of your body with the help of which you can breathe and operate you respiratory track easily. These days with unhealthy food habit and lifestyle changes people are harming their lungs in numerous ways. The role played by lungs is often overlooked by people around. Like other parts of your body and skin, lungs also need good care and attention. Oxygen is supplied to every parts of our body through lungs and veins. If lungs do not function well, there will be less oxygen which will in turn give rise to variety of health problems. The diseases such as heart infarction, obstructive pulmonary diseases as well as variety of respiratory problem can take place. Researchers have found out that ordinary everyday breathing will not be enough for getting the flow of oxygen to various parts of the body. Lungs would rather require consistent 20 minutes intense movement every day so that toxins from the body get away totally. Also the environmental pollution, dust and smokes from chimney can cause excess toxins within your body. You can easily remove it from your body with brisk walk everyday early in the morning.

[Hindi tips to keep your lungs strong & healthy]

You may come across number of reasons due to which your lungs can get damaged.  Smoking is one of the reasons that can affect your lungs. Vigorous smoking can lead you to lung cancer. Sometimes, the pollutants in the environment can be another major reason for unhealthy lungs. It is better to use a mask on your face that covers your nose and mouth. The chemicals used in workplace and home can also give rise to lung cancer. The infections that are found out with unhealthy particles can also largely affect your lungs. Cold and flu can be another reason.

Tips for healthy lungs

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  • There are various benefits connected with drinking tea. It’s incredibly successful in protecting against lung melanoma development.
  •  Avoid using tobacco or sing any other narcotics that can be harm the lungs. Smoking is root cause for lung melanoma. If a person reduce or stop using tobacco, the probability of developing lung cancer also reduces considerably. The odds of lung cancer develop is nil if you give up smoking totally. Quitting smoking will assist you to clean the lungs, and they start to function in an better way.
  •  Avoid smoke. If somebody else smokes in your house/office, it’s best to leave the area immediately.
  •  Exercises undoubtedly is a good technique to have good functioning lungs. You may start with brisk walks, running, taking steps instead of elevator, opting for swimming along with cardio workout to improve the functioning of the lungs. The more you work out, the more secure your lungs will be.
  • It’s also essential you eat meals that are nutritious. Different types of food that should be included in your daily diet are as follows:  Cereals, grains along with bread, which are high in fiber, Lean protein as an example fish, ovum, turkey along with chicken, Drink lots of water since it helps flush out harmful toxins.
  • You have to stop having food that are high in carbohydrates, fat, salt etc. Also do not consume beverages that have alcohol content in it and stay away from caffeine. It’s proven that beneficial nutrition and eating habits have a effective result on lung functioning. In reality, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant eating habits have been proved as helpful in improving lung performance and reduce lung related ailments.
  •   Avoid working in environments where there’s excessive dust or which is extremely polluted, like chemical factories, textile factories etc. Use necessary precautions if you are exposed to sch harmful environments.

These are just few of the useful tips that could help you live a healthier and happier life.

Ways to keep your lungs healthy

Deep breathing

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Full capacity of your lungs can be readily achieved once you carry on deep breathing on a regular basis. When you inhale slowly, there will be conscious expansion of your belly with the fact of awareness about lowering the diaphragm. Now you must allow your floating ribs to get opened just like a wing by allowing the floating ribs. The last activity will be to upper chest expansion for lifting and expansion.

Correct posture

As we all know that lungs in our body are not as hard as our bones or other muscle. Rather it is so soft that it can be easily fitted in the place you wish it to fit in. If you stay squeezed with your head with your shoulder stoop down, your lung would get very less space inside your body. But, if you can lean in a chair with your back straight, your lungs would get more space and the breathing operation will be proper.


Exercise of your lung will be really important if you want to keep it sound and healthy. If you laugh, your abdomen would get exercised which would in turn increase lung capacity. Laughing process will also help forcing out enough of stair air from your body and bring in fresh air that will enter wider areas of your lung. If you don’t have enough scope of laughing, joining laughing club and practicing the activity early in the morning will be beneficial.

Improving indoor air

Some people might not even realize that indoor air gets polluted due to variety of factors. During winter, you might place with charcoal burn inside your home which can be one of the dangerous sources of indoor pollutant. Again, if you are cooking in wood burning stove, the fumes coming out are not beneficial for your lungs. You may remove it with air freshener and candles.

Consuming right food

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In order to keep your lung in good shape, it becomes quite important to eat good food. The food rich in antioxidants would be better in this regard. You can consume bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage etc to keep your lungs breathe properly. Some people have a tendency of consume supplements of the specific food. But, it will be better to go for the fresh foods and not vegetables.

Creating a distance from occupational hazards

People dealing with any occupation can face occupational hazards stating from a laborer to a CEO of a company. Thus, your lungs are also at risk. In around 15 percent of cases, people suffer from occupational asthma. If you are in such an occupation where dust and fumes are part of your work, ask your employer to provide enough protective environment so that. The pollutants cannot affect your lungs.

Go for safe products

Apart from professional engagement, many wishes to keep their home clean and beautiful. But, in the attempt of carrying on with home improvement, your lungs can be exposed to harmful particles of gases. Thus, the products you are using for home improvements must be safe.

[Hindi tips to keep your lungs strong & healthy]


If you have problem with lungs, the best way to get rid of it is through the exercise. You must carry on with Yoga or breathing exercise that will help you get healthy lungs. If you are unaware of the particular variation of the exercise, it is always better to call up an expert. The expert will help you get the best exercise.

Avoiding pollutants

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Pollution is one of the major causes behind lung cancer. When you go out the dust particles, carbon and arsenic enters your lung through your breathing Pathway. It is always better to go ahead with a protection to avoid such pollutants. You must cover your nose and mouth with mask. This mask can be easily available in the market.

Precautions during infection

Whenever your body gets infected, it is better to keep your body away from more probable infection. It is better to prevent the infection and the effect of germs. Before going for meals it is always better to wash your hands with soap. If you are infected with the common cold and flu, it will be better to avoid crowded place. It is also better to go ahead with a good oral hygiene.

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You must show the dentist to avail best oral hygiene. It is better to have vaccination of influenza and pneumonia. Regular checkup of your lungs is another important factor you must avail when you actually wish to keep your lung healthy. Do all of these and get suitable result.