How to recognize breast cancer – Self exam for the breast cancer

Breast self-exam (BSE) or regularly examining of the breasts on your own is the most useful and essential way to find breast cancer at an early stage. It is advised by experts that all women must perform this examination on a routine basis. There are more chances of it being treated successfully. BSE is the best method of taking care of one’s self.

Awareness of breast cancer among females of all age group is important today. It is nothing to be ashamed of as the disease is just one like other diseases which females are suffering. Early detection and treatment can easily save many females getting affected by this cancer cell. It is better to have regular check up in order to avoid this cancer affecting your breast. You can recognize this disease only if you know the symptoms. This is the situation when a malignant tumor is developed over the breast cells. You can also detect it by yourself with certain symptoms.

[Hindi tips to recognize breast cancer]

Tips for performing BSE

Cancer prevention tips

Breast examination must habitually do once a month to know the normal feel and look of the breasts. The best time is the day after the periods end. If the periods have stopped a date on each must be remembered to do the examination.

There is no need to worry if there are bumps as most women have lumps all the time.Lumps and bumps are normally prominent on the upper outer area –near the armpits. The lower half is often felt like a sandy beach. There may be a feeling of a collection of large grains near the nipple. There may also be a lump on some part. One of the things to be is to note is for any change in the normal feeling of the breasts. If any change is visible for over a month the doctor need to be consulted.

Five steps of Breast Self-Exam (BSE)

Steps 1— Stand straight before the mirror with arms on the hips. Look for the normal size shape and color of the breasts. Normal breasts are evenly shaped with no swelling.A doctor must be consulted if there is any dimpling or bulging of the skin, if the nipple is inverted inward and if there is any swelling, redness or rash.

Step 2—Look for the same changes after raising the arms.

Step 3—Look for any watery, milky, or yellow fluid coming out of the nipples.

Step 4—Now the breasts should be felt while lying down… Feel the right breast with the left hand and left breast with the right hand. Examine the entire breast in a circular motion with the tip of the fingers.

Steps 5– In the final step examine the breasts while standing   or sitting. It is easier to feel the breasts under the shower when the area is slippery. The entire breast has to be examined as in step 4.

In all the  5 steps note the following changes

Types of cancer and symptoms

  • Any change in the size or shape of the breast which cannot be explained.
  • Dimpling in any part of the breast
  • Unexplained swelling of the breast , especially if  it is  only on one side
  • Shrinkage of the breast on one side only.
  •  Most women have one breast little larger than the other, but if the asymmetry has developed recently, it needs attention.
  •  Nipple is inverted.
  • The skin of the breast is red, scaly or swollen.
  • Any clear or bloody discharge from the nipple.
  •  Change in the appearance of the nipple.

Most women detected of cancer are found by regular self-examination.  Hence is important for all.

Cancer cell forming over the breast of individual can take devastating shape. You must have heard women suffering from breast cancer. But, today risk of breast cancer is not just restricted to women; rather men also have the same risk. Apart from examination and treatment procedure, you may also develop some symptoms of breast cancer which should never be ignored.

How to prevent breast cancer?

If someone in your family as well as in neighborhood has suffered from the problem of breast cancer this will be an alarm for you. Both men as well as women have to take precautionary measures to prevent breast cancer. Once you have cross 20 years of age, you must begin breast self examination on a monthly basis. If you can avoid fast food and eat healthy food such as green vegetables, fruits, this will flush out the toxins in your body and leave your body healthy. Cancer cells will be less likely to be developing in such situation. Early detection plan will be appropriate for eradicating breast cancer starting from the root. You must control your diet if you have put on enough weight and flab.

Self exam and detection of breast cancer

Visual examination

How to prevent breast cancer

You cannot just look into your breast unless and until you stand in front of the mirror. Just look properly whether your breast has same size and shape as it has been for a long time. Also watch whether there are any changes in the color of your breast. Check whether you have an inflammation over your breast even when you are not having periods. Do you have inverted nipples? Did your nipples shifted? Tenderness in your breast and nipples can be dangerous.

Touching examination

Within this examination you have to lie down and touch your opposite breast nipples with opposite hand’s finger. Touch your nipples and feel whether the circumference is 2m or more? Try to use your finger tips and palms while examining both your breasts and nipples. If there are any changes in your circumference, just see doctor.

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Genetic factors

You must be aware whether any one in your family have suffered from breast cancer. It might not be your mother or sister but someone in your family whom you don’t know. It is important to ask your elders and find out whether you have breast cancer in genes. If you actually have this in your genes, there is a good chance that you can have it in your near future. You have to be extra cautious. Need to see doctor several times in order to check and ensure that you are not in the same fleet.

[Hindi tips to recognize breast cancer]