Foods to eat and avoid for chickenpox patient

Chickenpox is a contagious disease mostly seen to be occurring among children when their immunity system is seen to get low and only then their body becomes prone to contracting the viruses of Chickenpox.

The main focus point is to keep a healthy lifestyle which usually begins with a healthy eating habit, but most of us hardly follow this principle. What if your child or anyone from your family is suffering from this disease?

Listed below are the food items one should definitely take for a quicker recovery.

Water consumption

Do’s & don’ts during chicken pox

During Chicken pox, dehydration is a very common phenomenon because of which one should drink lots and lots of water at regular intervals. The water which will be consumed by the patient should be first of all boiled and then cooled down.

Intake of fruits

Eating fresh fruits that are soft and taste sweet is very much beneficial as the taste buds turn bitter because of fever and antibiotics. Fruits like Grapes, Banana, Apple, Water Melons should be consumed as they are easily digestible.


Rice is a food item that is very light, has no taste and is easily digestible. It keeps the body cool as during Chickenpox cooling to the body is necessary.


Semolina usually known as Rava or Broken Wheat has so many nutrients and also has rich fibre content, should be consumed by boiling it in water and finely chopped vegetables should be added.

Coconut water

Start your day by having a glass of tender coconut water to cool down your throat and body as well. It contains minerals and vitamins which help build your immune system.

Green/Coloured vegetables

Consume lots of green vegetables and vegetables with varying colours as different colour has different benefits. Vegetables provide Vitamin A which is effective in healing Chickenpox and the scars, it leaves behind.


Remedies to cure chickenpox

Curd are generally known for their power of boosting one’s immunity system. It has calcium and is widely used for treating skin related problems. Intake of curd during Chickenpox cools your body and helps you heal quickly.


One should make soups by boiling vegetables with no oil and little salt, crush some ginger on it. Even mushroom soups are beneficial.

Food items that should be strictly avoided at all cost are as follows: –

Fat content food

Avoid all kinds of fatty food items such as Meat, potatoes, butter, cheese and so on. As foods with highly saturated fat contents leads to produce more rashes and maximises the recovery time.

Salty food

Do not consume much of salty food items or salt intake in your dishes as that extra amount of salt causes irritation.

Oily or Junk foods

One needs to get over his junk and oily food habit if he or she is suffering from Chickenpox as that leads to problem of indigestion, dehydration and worsens the present state of your body. Excess oil reduces your healing power. Therefore, fried foods hinder the process of recovery.

Spicy foods

During Chickenpox one is already suffering an uncontrollable urge to get over the itching blisters and spices to the contrary are well known for their inflammable properties. So, if you continue to take spicy foods then things will turn bad for your health.

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Acidic foods

Acidic foods cause irritation because of the acid content, such as tea, coffee, chocolates. So, stop consuming them during Chickenpox.

Dry fruits

How to get rid of dark spots caused by chickenpox

Yes, you read it right. Dry fruits are rich in arginine which works as an amino acid to our body and during Chickenpox amino acid produces more of the viruses that causes infection and makes this contagious disease even more time taking and complicated.

In order to cure your body and skin completely have lukewarm baths adding baking soda or lavender oil or coconut oil into the water. One can apply aloe Vera gels or any other ointment to reduce the itching and do not use your nails on the blisters as that is bad so trim your nails and keep them clean during Chickenpox.  

There is no such reason found behind the occurrence of this disease but if taken care properly by following each and every Do’s and Don’ts mentioned above will make it go away sooner.