What are the health and beauty benefits of pineapple?

Pineapple is delicious and juicy fruit with rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The juicy fruit is grown in tropical regions from March to June. It contains anti-oxidants which fight against the free radicals and prevent cell damage. Pineapple is popular fruit used in fruit shakes, ice creams and cakes. Pineapple has lot of health and beauty benefits. Most of us also like the taste of this pine apple fruit too much. We are now going to concentrate on the health and beauty benefits of pineapple.

[Benefits of pineapple in Hindi]

Health benefits of pineapple

Immune system

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It is really important to boost up the immune system of every individual. Pineapple is a delicious fruit with essential number of nutrients and high amount of vitamins which help to boost the immune system and promote good health. This juicy fruit will help us get well developed immune system. Try this occasionally and see the result.

Weight loss

All of us have a strong wish to lose weight. Many of us are successful but others are not. We must find out a fibrous fruit that will help the bowel movement. As a result our system will be clear and we can lose weight. Pineapple fruit contains high amount of fibre, low calories and low sodium level which controls the weight gain. It plays a major role in reducing fat and maintains a healthy body.

Bone strength increases

A healthy individual walks, runs and move around with the bone strength. The bone is the main infrastructure on which our body stands. Pineapple fruit contain mineral that help to strengthen bones. It contains high amount of minerals that are required by your body. You will really feel good and healthy if the strength of bones increases.


Are you coming across individuals who are suffering from excessive heart disorder? Even in your family someone or the other must be associated with heart problems.  Pineapple contains anti-oxidants which fight against the free radicals that are formed. It also plays a vital role in reducing the cholesterol level and prevents heart diseases.


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Even today the terror of cancer is not removed totally.  Some types of cancer are curable but some are not. But, with the natural ways you can easily prevent cancer. Pineapple contains anti-oxidants which prevents the cell damage. It helps to fight against the all type of cancer cells and prevent cancer formation.


If you have healthy kidney, purification of urine and other particles in your body will be done correctly. Now, many people suffer from the kidney failure as they don’t keep their kidney healthy. You can now stay away from kidney failure and prolonged dialysis. Pineapple fruit contains potassium which is essential to promote healthy functioning of kidney.

Women health

The physical system of a woman is far more complicated as compared to men. It is the time for you to go ahead with the process through which you can achieve healthy women health. Even when a woman is pregnant she goes through complex physical condition. They suffer from disruption of menstrual cycle at times. Pineapple juice is good for menstrual disorder people. Pineapple juice is more beneficial at the time of menstrual cramps to get rid of pain.

Sore throat problem

Sore throat can take place due to number of reasons. Common cold can be one of the effective reasons. This is the time you would require good amount of vitamin C. Pineapple juice is helpful to relieve from sore throat problem. Pineapple juice is recommended for the people suffering with cold and sore throat problem.

Beauty benefits

Skin care

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Pineapple is good for all types of skin. Pineapple contains vitamins that are essential to make your skin healthy.

Acne treatment

Acne makes your face look really ugly. How do you feel when you are going to an outing with your friends and suddenly the acne marks come in between? It is really very frustrating. Also when you are going to attend an occasion or a social gathering, acne or pimples over your face will make you look unattractive. But applying pine apple pulp on your face will slowly eradicate it.

Signs of aging

The popular signs of aging are wrinkles and fine lines. You will get the black spots over your face. Dark circles can also prop up to make it look unattractive. All together it is very frustrating to see the signs of aging. But the naturally obtained pine apple juice is having antioxidants which will remove harmful oxidants from your body and make your look youthful.

Hair health

Healthy hair is the aim of almost every individual. You might not be an exception in such a situation. This is the time to keep your hair healthy with its intrinsic shine. All you have to do is consume pine apple as much as possible. The vitamin C present in it will make the scalp healthy. The scalp health will be wonderfully optimized with the help of the naturally obtained pine apple. You must have it on a regular basis.

[Benefits of pineapple in Hindi]

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