Amazing water spinach beauty and health benefits

Water spinach is a semi aquatic or herbaceous aquatic plant that is available in both the tropical and subtropical regions. It is standing as one of the top healthiest foods in the world due to its rich nutritional and health benefits. Though this leafy green is fully edible, the tender and young leaves are mostly preferred. This Popeye favorite green veggie  is a great source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, water and some other nutrients that are essential for the healthy body and skin. It has variety of benefits which makes you stay healthy. People get beautiful skin with the help of spinach. We are going to discuss this in this article.

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This Popeye favorite green veggie  is a great source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, water and some other nutrients that are essential for the healthy body and skin.

Health and beauty benefits of water spinach

Controls cholesterol levels

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Water spinach is one of the ideal option to manage weight and to lower the cholesterol levels. According to a research conducted on rats, water spinach was proved to control cholesterol levels and Triglycoside as well. Hence add it to reduce the cholesterol.

Treats anemia

Water spinach consists of rich amounts of iron that is required by the red blood cells during process of hemoglobin formation. So people who are suffering with anemia should include their diet with this iron rich leafy vegetable. It also serves the iron requirement of a pregnant women.

Prevents cancer

Eat and eat the water spinach to boost up the natural cell environment. Being with 13 unique kinds of antioxidants spinach helps to fight with free radical molecules, there by it controls the multiplication of cancer cells. It is also a trusted veggie to inhibit breast cancer, colo-rectal cancer and stomach cancers.


The water spinach helps freeing you from disease named as diabetes. If you have high blood sugar level in your gene, proper treatment is required. But, healthy food is also an important consideration. You need to have spinach on a regular basis to stay away from high blood sugar level. Also to treat diabetics in pregnant women it plays a big role.

Healthy hair

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Water spinach consists of rich nutrients which are known to be as pre-requisite for the maintenance of healthy hair and scalp. Spinach juice is a single solution for the hair growth, to prevent hair fall and also to improve the texture and quality of hair.

Follow this unique spinach recipe to get the healthy and lustrous hair

  • Get a cup spinach leaves and mix them with a cup of lettuce leaves.
  • Add lemon juice to such leaves.
  • Grind all of the three ingredients and strain the solution.
  • Have a glass of this solution every day to watch out the results.
  • To spice up the taste, add your favorite spices to this juice, especially add black pepper not just to improve the flavor but also to get its benefits.

Glowing skin

Who don’t love a way to get the glowing skin with just the consumption of a healthy drink. Water spinach will give your skin the necessary vitamins and minerals for its glow. Besides the vitamins A and C it also offers you lutein and carotenoids that are known to maintain radiant and healthy skin.

[Hindi tips for health & beauty care]

Away from asthma

Asthma is one of the dangerous health conditions which are seen in at least 5 out of 10 people. This induces the breathing problem in individuals. But, spinach is one among such wonderful vegetables that comes with a special nutrients named as beta carotene. If you can consume juice of spinach daily in the morning, this will easily help you prevent asthma.

Promotes strong bones

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If you wish to make your bones strengthen, the natural way with be consumption of the water spinach. Due to poor know how about vitamins and minerals people suffers from variety of health conditions. This can give rise to dislocation of bone or a fracture even in a minimal wear and tear. The water spinach includes vitamin K that improves calcium absorption and strengthens bones.

Preventing constipation

If your food habit is improper or abnormal, this will increase the chance of constipation. If you are consuming too much of fast food, constipation can take place. You can now prevent it with the consumption of water spinach. This can be used as vegetable and helps inducing your bowel movement. Thus, it will easily help you prevent the trouble of constipation.

Fights free radicals

If your body is inflicted with free radicals, that can make your physic really weak. Your body will be the breeding place of all types of critical issues. All the diseases will tend to affect your body. But spinach is one among such wonderful green leafy vegetables that is loaded with antioxidants. The harmful oxidant layer within your body will be ideally broken with the help of this spinach intake.

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Gastrointestinal health

You must be hearing about gastric problems among one or the other people at your home. This is due to improper digestion. Even after having too much of gaseous tablet and laxatives this might not come to an end. All you have to do is take some healthy substitutes. Yes, spinach is one of the wonderful vegetables that help in gaining gastrointestinal health. Since spinach is loaded with vitamin C , your cell can be protected ideally with the consumption.

Anti- inflammatory properties

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Inflammation can take place due to one or the other reasons. Every individual have the issues of getting inflammation due to wound or any other physical condition. Today, you can get a healthy substitute to remove the anti- inflammatory properties. Yes, spinach can help you out with the same. Consume spinach juice or the leaf in curry to remove inflammation in your body.