Eating oysters and its benefits

Oyster is rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is a shellfish found in seas. Oysters are of different types they are pearl oysters, thorny oysters, pilgrim oysters and saddle oysters. An oyster can filter 5-6 liters of water per hour. Oyster group can be called as oyster reef or bed. It is consumed in various forms such as boil, raw, fried, roasted and grilled. Oyster is soft and fleshy fish with high amount of calories preferred by all the sea food lovers. Oyster produces perfect pearls. It takes 4-6 years to produce pearl. Each pearl differ from its size and colour. Natural pearls are expensive than normal pearls. Oysters have lot of health benefits. We are going to discuss such health benefits in this article.

Health benefits of oysters


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Oysters are good source of proteins. It is a low fat substance which is easily digested when compared to chicken, meat and beef. Are you having digestion problem? It is now possible to get away from digestion issue with the consumption of oyster. You can get this easily in the market which can be cooked and consumed.


Some people cannot maintain a healthy married relationship. It is just because the testosterone level in male gets low. In order to get it boosted, hormones play an important role. Oysters contain amino acids that increase the level of sexual hormones such as testosterone. When the hormone level increase, it influence on sexual response. Husband and wife can easily have healthy sex relationship.

Improve memory power

Ability to remember something is really vital in our day to day life. Memory power boost is needed to individual of all age range. For example kids wish to remember lessons of their subjects. For this memory power is required. At the same time working people has to remember their official task as well as official appointment. Forgetting anything suddenly will be an ultimate mess. Oysters are rich in proteins, amino acids. It helps to boost the memory power and reduce stress.

Strengthen bones

Appropriate bone health is going to be a vital part of your life. If you cannot walk properly or stand, the bones will be responsible. It is important to keep your bones healthy all the time.  Oysters contain vitamin A that helps to increase the calcium levels. It plays a major role in improving the bone strength.

Eye sight

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Without proper eyesight it will be really difficult for you to see the world. Whether you read a book, play games, or perform at home, eyes will be vital part of your work. Without this the entire process will be disrupted.  Eye problem mainly causes due to deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. Oysters are rich in nutrients and vitamins which help to reduce the eye sight problem and improve the vision of eye.

Immune system

The disease that attacks can be controlled by the healthy immune system. But, if your immunity level is not up, variety of health disorders will easily attack you. Oysters are natural source of zinc. It is essential to maintain immune system. It plays a major role for maintaining healthy functioning of human body.

Common infections

Every now and then you suffer from infections. This is especially found among the kids. They are very susceptible to the environment. Kids play in mud and get the attack by micro organisms. Oysters are high quality sea food with essential proteins, minerals and carbohydrates which help to reduce common problems such as wound healing, infections.

Beauty benefits

Skin care

Wrinkles are not only seen among very old age people. Rather, people crossing 35 years of age starts gaining it. This becomes really irritating when you start to look old before age. Oysters maintain the collagen levels in skin. It helps to reduce the wrinkle on skin and prevents anti-aging. You can now stay tension free with regards to the wrinkles and fine lines. You will never be called old before age with Oyster benefit.

Beautiful nails

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Among the beauty maintenance, skin also plays an important role.  You also wish to keep your nails long and beautiful. Dullness and unattractive nail will be a negative part of your beauty. Oyster contains good amount of zinc that will repair your broken nails and dullness in your nails. You should consume oyster on a regular basis so that your nail health is maintained. The mineral has the antioxidant which will easily protect your nails.

Skin repair

Sometimes our skin becomes too rough due to extreme weather condition. Also when we get hurt or meet up with an accident, this can give rise to skin damage. But if you intake oyster, this will easily help gaining an extra ordinary response to your damaged skin. Your skin will not only be repaired, rather it will get a glow. You will feel a youthful glow all over your skin. Try the oyster preparations today and make yourself happy.