Health benefits of eating orange fruit

Orange is the citrus fruit belonging to the family of rutaceae of the genus, the scientific name of orange fruit is citrus sinensis. The lively color orange represents the strength and endurance. It is very beneficial for your body. The delicious and juicy orange contains an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals for normal growth and development and for well-being. Even the peel of orange is very beneficial for our health with a thick fine texture. Right from the ancient times the peel of oranges has been valued for their curative properties.

One medium orange contains 1.23 grams of protein, 3.1 grams of dietary fibers and 62 calories. It also contains very important minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc. It too consists of vitamins like vitamin A, vitaminB1, vitaminB2, vitamin C, vitamin E which are very beneficial for our body and health. Let us explore some of the health benefits of oranges in this article.

[Hindi benefits of eating oranges]

Health benefits of oranges

Lowers the risk of disease

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Orange is a citrus fruit which has chock full of vitamin C. Were vitamin C has the important role in protecting the cell by neutralizing free radicals.when the free radicals build up in your body, they cling to health cells,causing permanent damage by chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. So give your body an adequate amount of vitamin C and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions.

Lowers cholesterol

Oranges are full of soluble fibers that help in lowering cholesterol. You must have oranges daily in order to absorb the fat deposit layer in your body. Orange contains Vitamin C which will be suitable to make perfect snack and tangy juice. Along with the health benefits oranges also add great taste.

Protects the skin

Oranges are full of beta-carotene which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells from being damaged and also protects the skin from free radicals cause of anti-aging. Today in all beauty products the extracts of oranges are used. It is really important for you get a well moisturized and smooth skin tone. You can have oranges to get improvement in your skin tone.

Good vision

Oranges are rich in vitamin A, it includes the compounds that protect your eyes. Vitamin A allows yours eyes to absorb light by keeping membranes surrounding your eyes healthy and also lessens the night blindness. It is known as carotenated macular degeneration. Computer and other entertainment screen are always exposed to our eyes. Your eyes need a power and skill to stay well. Oranges actually help developing and boosting your vision.

Boosts heart health

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Oranges are full of potassium, an electrolyte mineral is responsible for helping the heart functioning. People are having some inclination towards heart diseases. It is due to lifestyle changes. Also this can take place due to hereditary reasons. But, there is a natural way through which the heart health can be boosted. Yes, orange intake will help getting better heart health.

Reduces risk of liver cancer

Cancer is still one of the deadliest disease. We all wish to stay far away from the cancer cells. According to the study of Japan, eating mandarin oranges reduces liver cancer. Yes, oranges have good amount of antioxidants that will flush out the oxidants in your body. It removes the free radicals from your body as well and keeps you healthy. Yes, you can get rid of liver cancer due to this.

Boost immune system

High level of vitamin C  is present in oranges which spurs your body’s immune system into action . It is due to the proper immunity in your body, you can fight with all types of diseases. Even the effect of normal season changes can be removed with the help of immunity level in your body. Oranges are a great way that helps in boosting immunity level.

Health benefits of orange peel


Orange peel helps removing phlegm and hence cures asthama. This is one of the chronic diseases that exists on Earth. You must have seen many people carrying inhaler with them. It is just when they get the asthma attack, they can get a proper control of their breathing disorientation. But, the fruit named oranges can be helpful here.

Digestive problems

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Orange peel contains some amount of dietary fibers. These dietary fibers are useful for preventing irritable bowel syndrome. If you have problem with improper digestion or unclear system, your entire body will become irresponsive. But, orange with good amount of roughage will help you stay away from such critical issues.

Weight loss

Slim and fit body is a minimum standard these days. Now people are working really hard to get a proper and well balanced weight. Tea made with the orange peel is an excellent remedy for weight loss. It helps to remove fat from the body and increase the body energy and stamina. Even you can try the same to control weight gain.

Bad breath

You personally won’t like to stay with those people who have foul smell in their mouth. This is something known as bad breath. We always have a tendency to carry a mouth freshener. This is important as getting a bad smell while speaking will be shameful. Chewing an orange peel will help you get fresh breath and stay refreshed.


Orange peel is used for aroma therapy. It can treat headache, depression and anxiety. Headache is one of the common problems which people can face in their day to day life. This can be due to stress or tension. Some people also gets it due to sinus infection.  But, breathing the orange peel will reduce headache.

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Healing properties

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People come across different types of injuries throughout their lives. Oranges actually have the healing properties that can reduce inflammation over your skin. Orange is associated with various type of phytonutrient compound that helps in which will help you stay away from the pain of injury.

Prevents kidney stone

People are observed to get kidney stones now and then in their stomach. The reason behind it can be many. One of the reasons is dehydration. If you don’t drink adequate water, the act of calcification takes place. Also some people gets bile accumulated to form stone. But inn taking orange juice on a regular basis can restrict kidney stone.

[Hindi benefits of eating oranges]