How pointed gourd or parwal are useful for health

[Health benefits of pointed gourd in Hindi]

Pointed gourd which is called Potols in Telugu and Parwal in Hindi is one of the famous veggie in India. Gourd family has bitter gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd and of course pointed gourd. All these vegetables provide many health benefits, especially they are good in treating various urinary problems and diabetes.

As like the usage of common vegetables pointed gourd is also generally prepared in the Indian cuisine. They taste good and easy to prepare as well as cheap also. They are mostly used to prepare dry dishes and gravy type dishes. In some parts of India Powell is also used to prepare a specific variety of sweets.

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There are many health benefits of eating parwal and are less known to the people. The vegetable is rated as one of the nutritious foods and is offering vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Calcium provides pointed gourd also offers you very less calories and hence it helps to keep the cholesterol levels in control. In Ayurveda, Powell is used to treat the gastric problems and is also used as a natural aphrodisiac that can improve sex life.

From 100grams of parwal flesh one will get 24 calories along with rich content of vitamin A, Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and lots of other micro nutrients. According to Ayurveda parwal has medicinal properties that help to treat skin infections, fever, constipation and skin infections.

Health benefits of pointed gourd/ parwal

Improves digestion

The green colored veggie parwal is loaded with good sum of fiber, which helps to promote proper digestion. It also helps to solve gastrointestinal and some problems related to the liver. If you can digest well, your system will be clear. As a result you get better scope of staying healthy. Have roughage like parwal or pointed gourd to get the remedy.

Treats constipation

It really paints when we suffer from constipation. This is normally seen in women or men who intakes less water. Even when you have food rich in too much of minerals such as iron etc, this can give rise to constipation. The seeds present in the parwal vegetables help to ease stool and is recommended to reduce constipation problem.

Controls blood sugar and cholesterol

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When you are eating parwal dish do not throw out the seeds out of it, they help to control blood sugar levels, which in turn lower the cholesterol in the body. Some or the other members in your family must be suffering from high blood sugar level. Someone have it due to hereditary problem, Whereas other get it from the changes in lifestyle.  But, you can always control it in a natural way with parwal or pointed gourd remedy.

Aids in weight loss

We all are continuously making effort to lose our weight. Keeping fit and fine will be our ultimate mantra. Even people are doing almost everything to lose some weight. It is not a matter of a week or two. You have to be cautious about your exercise and diet to control weight. The gourd vegetable pointed gourd has the property of low in calories. So, one can eat this vegetable based curries with no doubt to reduce their weight. It helps your stomach to feel fuller and controls the urge to eat.

Blood purifier

Another health benefit of consuming pointed gourd includes the purification of blood. According to Ayurveda painted gourd works effectively to regulate Kapha. It cleans our blood, tissues and thereby offering skin care as well. Blood purification is really important for each and every human being. This will keep you free from all diseases. Even the impurities within your body will go away from the blood stream.

Reduces flu

It is quite common to get common cold and flu. This can be due to the change of season. The viral infection can be heard now and then in the locality. It is just due to the reason that you get sick and ill. According to Ayurveda parwal has the capacity to boost your immunity. It is used like a medicine to treat flu, throat problems and high temperatures. If you can consume parwal or pointed gourd on a regular basis, this is reduce problem of cold and flu.

Fight with aging factors

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As we age wrinkles and fine lines are most common visible signs on our face. Parwal with its rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A and C helps to fight with the free radical molecules which are promoting the aging signs. The aging becomes a terrific consideration for every individual. But this is a natural process. Yet, these days the aging process is getting earlier. This is due to adulteration and pollution in air. But, the natural parwal can benefit the aging factor.

These are the health benefits of consuming pointed gourd. So eat them and stay healthy and beautiful. Also along with the health, you can also get great taste from such pointed gourd. Even, Bengali like this vegie with poppy seeds. Consuming this with fish and the green vegetable dishes tastes well. Try it today and see the result.

[Health benefits of pointed gourd in Hindi]