Oregano health and beauty benefits

Oregano popularly known as wild Marjoram is world’s favorite herb. It has a strong aroma and bitter taste. It is used to numb the tongue apart from the common use of seasoning pizzas. It is mostly used in the dried form. The flavor of Oregano will be more alive with better drying. Dried oregano offers many health and skin benefits as follows. This is one among the spices which belong to mint family.

Health and skin benefits of using oregano

Vitamin K

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One of the very important but ignored vitamins is vitamin K. It is a key vitamin in the development of the bones and to improve cardiovascular health. Also vitamin K is essential to retain calcium out of the arteries and for the proper clotting of the blood. Now you can get this vitamin with the intake of Oregano.

Anti-bacterial properties

Oregano consists of two oils namely Thymol and Carvacrol which helps to work against bacterial agents. Some recent studies also noticed the great working action of oregano in curing Giadia compared to the over the counter drugs that are prescribed normally.


Thymol and Rosemarinic acid exist in the oregano. These acts like antioxidants and are very beneficial. According to researches, oregano offers antioxidants nearly by 42 times more than apples, 12 times greater than oranges, 30 times higher than potatoes and 4 times more than the blueberries. Oregano is also a perfect source of vitamin C that helps to maintaining the healthy immune system and fight against the general infectious diseases. The vitamin C is also recommended to flush out the harmful and pro-inflammatory free radicals.

Aids for proper digestion

Among the many benefits of oregano, fostering for the proper digestion is one top benefit. Oregano boosts the gut motility and aids for the secretion of gastro-intestinal enzymes.

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Add dry oregano  in your diet to get the benefits of a healthy tonic. It is having good amounts of essential oils like carvacrol, limonene, thymol, ocimene, pinene, and caryophyllene. The oregano leaves and flowering stems have rich properties including antiseptic, carminative, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, stimulant, expectorant and cholagogue properties. It cures the general problems like colds, influenza, mild fevers, stomach upsets indigestion and pain during menstruation.


Oregano, one of the wonderful herb consists of many minerals including calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron. The presence of good iron amount inhibits anemia. Rich potassium amount controls the high sodium levels which are known as big contributors of heart diseases. For the antioxidant-enzyme super oxide dismutase our body uses copper and manganese. Calcium is renowned for the growth of bones and build up of the mass.ry oregano

Healthy skin

We all are willing to get healthy skin. Whether we stay at home or step outside, good skin is always a desire. The naturally obtained Oregano will be a great remedy to stay away from unhealthy skin.The rich amount of beta-carotene present in the dry oregano helps to combat with the acne and other skin problems. So add your diet to get healthy and smooth skin.

Prevents the signs of aging

Along with the beta-carotene dry oregano consists of vitamins C and E that are key in maintaining the skin youthful. The antioxidant properties of oregano controls and kills the build up of free radicals which damage the skin cells and thus inhibit the early aging signs.

Good source of fiber

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Every human being need to have some fiber in their meals in order to stay healthy. It induces proper digestion with clearing of system. The food that contains roughage is very essential for proper bowel movement. Oregano is such a spice available in the nature that is loaded with fibers. Thus, we won’t trouble in digesting food. Also if you have the trouble with constipation, this can be sorted out with Oregano remedy.

Works as perfume

Oregano is a natural extract which contains wonderful aroma. This is also used as perfume. Many of the fragrance companies are invariably using the extracts of Oregano. This will give you a fresh feeling all over your body once you apply it. Also you can use it in food to bring a wonderful aroma. This will absolutely change your negative mood and turn it to positive.

Boosting immunity

The immunity level of an individual is important. Without the appropriate immunity, it will be impossible to sustain from any type of diseases. If your immunity level is low, you cannot fight with the diseases affecting your body in every change in season. The Oregano is wonderful spice that ideally helps in boosting your immunity level.


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Oregano is a herb that helps in providing detoxification within your body. Due to pollution and adulteration you get toxin inside your body. This can give rise to variety of diseases. But, if you can have oregano in your meal, it will be really wonderful as the process of detoxification will be done at once. You must have it on a regular basis so that the process of detoxification in your body can be done easily. The harmful fluids can be removed with the benefit of Oregano herb.