Home remedies for upper respiratory – How to treat upper respiratory

Illness in the upper respiratory system of our body may be due to a lot of reasons. The upper respiratory tract consists of nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx. Infections in any part of the tract are the most common. Some of these diseases include tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis, sinusitis and common cold.

[Hindi tips to treat upper respiratory]

Common cold

Common cold strikes mainly the nasal cavity during changing weather. In The symptoms of common cold include watery itchy eyes, nasal discharge, nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, cough, headache, fever, muscle pain among others. The home remedies mentioned below can treat a range of illnesses in the upper respiratory tract.

Home remedies

Ginger and basil ale

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Boil 5-6 leaves of basil in a cup of water, add five black peppers, add grated ginger and two cloves. Bring it to a boil. Sieve it and sip it slowly. It helps fight all kinds of inflammation and infections in the upper respiratory tract.

Another treatment can be mix 5 grams of basil root powder with 10 grams of ginger or dry ginger, 10 cloves of black pepper, 5 cloves in 250 g water and bring it to a boil. When the water reduces to 100g, put sugar in the mixture and sip on it slowly.


Take half a lemon juice in a cup of water and bring it to a boil. Sip on this and get relief from any inflammation and infection.


Boil one tablespoon of ajwain in a cup of water. Add sugar or jaggery to the mixture and sip on it slowly.


Ground radish seeds and consume it with honey.

Black mustard seeds

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Ground the black mustard seeds. Smell it and later consume the ground seeds with honey. It helps reduce inflammation in the nasal cavity and other areas of the upper respiratory tract.

Mustard seeds

If there is too much congestion in the nasal and other areas of the upper respiratory tract, then consume ground 5 grams of mustard seeds powder and 5 grams of turmeric powder with honey in the morning and evening.


Consume 5 grams of cinnamon powder with 5 grams of nutmeg powder and honey at evening and morning.

Alum crystal powder

Prepare tea with tulsi leaves and black pepper powder. Take a small amount of burnt alum crystal and have it with the tea. It will help the congestion in the upper respiratory tract.

Dry ginger

Take two tablespoon of dry ginger powder with 10-15 grams of jaggery. Cook the mixture slowly. Sip on the concentrated mixture after a while. It helps soothe the sore throat and inflammation in the pharynx region of the respiratory tract.

Black pepper

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Take 4 black pepper and 5-6 basil leaves along with jiggery. Boil them together and drink the mixture when it cools down a little.

Hot toddy

Hot toddy is a mixture of lukewarm water, two tablespoon of Irish whisky, lemon juice and honey.  It helps treat sore throat and infection of the other areas of the upper respiratory tract.

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Boil 4-5 raisins in 100ml of water. Consume the residue mixture. It helps soothe the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, especially the throat region.


If the cough and cold persists for a long period, then use 250mg of milk with four dates, black pepper powder, grounded one cardamom, grounded two cloves. Add the mixture in milk and bring it to a boil. After it boils, put a teaspoon of cow ghee. Sip the mixture slowly. It helps soothe and cure any inflammation and infection in the upper respiratory tract.


Boil 7-8 cloves in 100ml water. When the water is reduced to 25ml, consume the reduced mixture.

Fennel seeds

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Boil 30 grams of fennel seeds with 5-6 cloves in half litre water. When the water reduces, add sugar to the mixture and sip on it slowly. It is especially helpful in treating infections of the nasal cavity and pharynx area of the respiratory tract.

Baking soda

If cold is accompanied with fever, then add a little baking soda, honey and one tablespoon ginger juice in 100 ml water. Consume the mixture for better results.


Put some garlic ale in a little mustard oil and warm the mixture. Rub the oil in the affected region for better results. Another treatment can be burn garlic cloves and consume the ashes with honey.


Tie camphor in a piece of cloth and keep sniffing that for better results.

Amla juice

Consume two tablespoon of amla juice with honey two times in a day. Alma is rich in vitamin C, hence it helps fight all kinds of infections and inflammation.

Preserved rose petals (Gulkand)

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Boil 6-7 basil leaves, one tablespoon of gulkand, two black peppers, dry ginger powder and two cloves. Consume the residue mixture.

[Hindi tips to treat upper respiratory]