Home remedies to cure menstrual pain

People have availed nature’s help and achieved variety of menstrual cramp remedies in order to make a reduction in menstrual pain. This would range from variety of foods to that of exercises. You can have a look at the list of remedies and choose an appropriate one according to your desire. But, people must find out the actual cause of the menstrual pain that they have been going through before deciding about the treatment procedure. Some people have a tendency to consume expensive tablets in order to get relief from menstrual pain. But, it is also possible to get relief from pain through some home remedies.

[Hindi tips to cure menstrual pain]

Menstrual pain is very severe for a group of ladies where as other group of women can tolerate the pain.  Some girls become so helpless that they actually need to visit doctor. Females are working throughout the day in corporate, houses and the educational institutes. The arrival of menstrual cycle brings pain to them. Regular activities of day to day lives are disrupted due to menstrual pain. Menstrual pain can also take place due to hormonal disorder. Pain is caused to the lower abdomen, waist and back portion of individual women. But this pain can easily be reduced with some home remedies.

Home remedies to cure menstrual pain


Tips to manage menstrual pain

It is possible to get cinnamon readily in any Indian kitchen. This particular ingredient has been used for years ago in curing individual from allergies, cold and indigestion. You will be glad to know that, this particular home ingredient is also very powerful to provide you relief from menstrual cramp. Apart from relieving you from cramp, it is also excellent in iron content, calcium content as well as dietary fiber. Since, it has good amount of manganese, the symptoms of menstrual cramp will be eradicated.


Many ladies have a problem of constipation or painful bloating during the period of menstruation. It is better to consume warm water in such situation. This will reduce the problem of constipation allowing you smooth flow of menstrual blood with less pain. There are many food items which are rich in water. These include berries, celery, watermelon, lettuce etc. You can easily consume them to stay hydrated for a longer period.


During the period of menstrual problem ginger plays an important role in reducing the symptoms. Some women have got a tendency of having the symptoms like headaches, common cold etc. You can easily get rid of the symptoms with the ginger water drink. You can smash some ginger and boil the same in hot water. On drinking it, you can easily get relief from the painful menstrual period.


Home remedies for stomach pain

You can easily get papaya in vegetable shop. This is a particular type of food that is associated with high amount of vitamin A as well as vitamin C. Since it has low amount of calcium as well as iron, nutritional value of the food is really high. Some ladies are quite cautious about their health. But, papaya is such a variety of fruit available in the nature that is low in calorie and quite high in nutritional value.

Carom seeds

Carom seeds are the common spice used in indian households. Do you know how these seeds are helpful? Carom seeds when taken with a cup of boiling water can reduce the pain in the legs and helps in fighting those cramps. Else you can roast few carom seeds and swallow them with milk. This cures you from heavy pain. Have you heard about benefits of carom seed oil? It is used for muscle relaxation. Apply the carom oil on the strained muscles during the period.

Aloe vera

Use aloe vera juice to get rid from pain during periods. Having aloe vera juice with one teaspoon of honey thrice in a day will get more relief and supports in easing the heavy blood flow.

Iron rich diet

During menstruation iron will get depleted easily. So select the food items that are rich in iron and start eating. Dried apricots and red meat are rich in producing zinc and iron.

What should be avoided?

Best remedies to cure menstrual pain

It will be important for the women to avoid certain food in order to get relief from menstrual cramp. These foods include beverage with carbon content, fast food and alcoholic beverage.  Instead of consuming caffeine, you must replace your morning drink with mint or ginger teas. You can also consume hot water with some flavor of lemon in it. This will not only help decreasing cramp of menstruation but also would help getting healthy in a long term basis.

[Hindi tips to cure menstrual pain]

Hot water bag

You must have hot heating bag right at home. Today it is no more required to boil water, pour it in water bag and apply over the affected area. The gel hot water bag is readily available in the market where you need to heat it up just like you are charging a mobile. Once it is heated, apply it over your abdomen, back and any part of your body where you have developed pain due to menstrual issue. This will give you great relief.

Basil as home remedy

If you are suffering from menstrual pain, basil can give you an ultimate relief. This herb has the analgesic property which every pain killer has. You need to boil a cup of water and add 2-3 basil leaves in it. Switch your over off by covering the remains. Once it is cooled down, you need to drink the solution of basil. This can help you stay away from menstrual cramp.

Fennel for menstrual pain

Fennel is a spice or a seed like substance that is available in many Indian kitchens. You might not be aware that it works in a wonderful way in removing the menstrual pain. You need to soak 2 tablespoon of fennel seeds in water overnight. Next day morning get up and drink the fennel solution. This will provide great relief from any type of pain for menstrual cycle over your abdomen, back, thighs etc.

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