How to treat pink eye with best natural home remedies?

Pink eye, or you can say conjunctives, is the swelling with redness of tissue layer that covers the white part of the eye, is the membrane on the inner part of the eyelids. These tissue layers affect widely to underlying diseases within the body along with virus, bacteria, toxic agents, allergy-provoking, and irritant agents. Pink eye is quite common in children as well as in adults. There is no age factor with pinkeye, it can occur at any age of people. There are many causes of pink eye, and these can be classified as well into noninfectious and infectious. There are no changes caused by conjunctives.

[Hindi tips to treat pink eye]


Tips for bloodshot or red eyes

  1. You will feel itching, burning, or irritation.
  2. There will be swelling of the tissue layer (conjunctiva) is the membrane on the inner part of the eyelid.
  3. Tears production will be more.
  4. There will be encrustation of lashes and eyelid.
  5. There can be mucus.
  6. Contact lenses do not stay in the place on the eye and feel uncomfortable.
  7. Color will be pink or red in the white of the eye.

Types of pink eye and symptoms

Bacterial pink eye

There will be mucus (pus) most of the time.

There can be ear infection sometimes.

Hypersensitive pink eye

Mostly it occurs in both the eyes.

There can be swelling, tearing, and acute itching in the eyes.

Irritants pink eye

It makes eye watery and produces mucus discharge.

Viral pink eye

It can be the respiratory infection as well as cold, and flu.

It begins in one eye and spread to the other eye.

There will be watery discharge not thick.

How pink eye spreads

There are several bacteria and virus which cause pinkeye (conjunctivitis). Viral and bacterial both the pinkeye is extremely transmissible. It is transferred from one person to another person through many ways by an infected person, As coughing, a, while touching the surface or an object with germs on it as well as it increases due to personal contacts, such as shaking hands or touching.


Hypersensitive connectivity

“Hypersensitive pinkeye” copies the symptoms of pinkeye. Though, it gets directly related to risky and harmful sensitivity. You can observe impermanent sneezing and blowing nose while uncovered the allergen that lessens the substance.

In the factor of hypersensitivity, symptoms are mostly found during spring when pollen has the highest fall. There is another allergen also that includes the dander of dog and cat.

There is no medical intervention is required in seasonal hypersensitive.

Observe the irritants

How to reduce eye floaters

If you have been uncovered with the harmful chemical that is more than normal amount such as air pollution, then this may copy pinkeye as well while irritating, but this types of irritants must stop within 12 to 36 hours. If irritants contain cleaner or chemical, then at least for ten minutes you should wash your eyes with the aseptic solution while rotating your eyes to wash your entire eyeball.

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Consult with the doctor

If you are sure about your pinkeye then you can visit your doctor for the precise diagnosis. There are different treatment plan for bacterial pinkeye than viral pinkeye.

Look for diagnostic testing

You can look for diagnostic testing to determine the exact strain of bacteria causing pinkeye on your doctor demand.

If there is a doubt that your pinkeye has been caused by gonorrhea or sexually transmitted infection, then your doctor can also run these tests.

If your pink eye is due to allergic connectives, it is determined by the doctor, but you don’t know what is your allergic to, then he may ask allergy testing to determine the allergens.

If your doctor suspects a granulomatous disease or a tumor, that affect your immune system to fight against certain fungi and bacteria, then conjunctival incisional biopsy technique is preferred, which removes a small amount of tissue from the conjunctiva for microscope examination.

Home remedies


Tulsi is full of anti-inflammatory the properties which have the strength to fight off fungal, viral and bacterial infection in the eyes.

Before using tulsi leaves boil them for 15 minutes. Then wash your eyes or it can be used with one cotton pad as the warm compress in the water.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is enriched with amodin and aloin which are antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Apply aloe vera gel around the eyelid and eye.


How to increase eye fluid naturally

Turmeric contains healing properties as well antibacterial which heals your eyes.

Take one cup of boiled water then add two tablespoons of turmeric powder. Use it for a warm compress with one cotton pad while soaking into the water.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the best home remedies for pinkeye.

Take one tea bag and dip it into the boiled water once it is cool enough to touch, place it on the infected eye or you can also prefer warm compress with a soaked cotton pad into a cup of green tea.

Neem oil

Neem oil has the components that relieve irritated skin it is also antibacterial as well anti-inflammatory.

For the best use of neem oil in pink eye rub it around them before going on the bed.

Colloidal silver

One of the best remedies against pink eye is to apply colloidal silver to the infected eye. The small silver colloids are used to eliminate infected cells.

Make a herb

The mixture of raw honey, fennel seeds, and calendula provide the fast relief I pink eye it aid in soothing.

Breast milk

As many generations have used breast milk in pink eye infection to treat their children. Breast milk evidence proves that it is antibacterial against this infection.

 [Hindi tips to treat pink eye]