Homemade remedies to treat hangover

Are u feeling lethargic and lazy due to the excess consumption of alcohol in the last night! Over consumption don’t end up with the laziness, sometimes it may be associated with head ache, upset stomach, feeling of nausea and some more but  don’t worry there are minute made home remedies for you to solve the hangover and its associated hanging problems.

Hangover is a very common term and a physical condition that takes place among individuals due to excessive intake of alcohol. They feel quite lazy and unbalanced when they are in the state of hangover. People have been trying number of ways through which they can come out of the situation of hangover. The effect of hangover can be both in your body as well as mind. Some people get its effect drastically in the morning after they drunken unlimited alcohol. This is experienced more among the people who are heavily drunk and that too for the first time. Even the individuals who are consuming alcohol on a regular basis can get the symptoms of hangover such as fatigue, nausea, accelerated heart beat, bad breathe, stomach ache etc. But there are ways through which you can come over the situation of hangover. Home remedies are really very effective. Lets speak about some of the home remedies of hangover in this article.

[Home remedies to treat hangover in Hindi]

Homemade remedies to treat hangover

Drink plenty of water

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Drinking good amount of water is a renowned treatment to cure the symptoms of hang over. The properties of alcohol inevitably dehydrate the body and make you feel sluggish.  So, drink up to the limits you can to rehydrate your body and to ease the problem.

Lemon juice

When a person’s body is dehydrated, the only best solution to make him rehydrated is giving plenty of fluids. As like water, lemon juice will also works effective in reducing the hang over. Drink a glass of lemon water added with sugar to get back the energy levels and to stimulate the glucose levels.


Who will forget the filmy part involving with alcohol consumption and sorting out through yogurt in-take. Yogurt not just works in the films but also do in the real life too. Yogurt flushes out the harmful toxins from the body and prepares the immunity system to function well. So consume yogurt to treat your problem fast.

Vegetable soup

Whatever the choice of  your favorite vegetable to prepare the vegetable soup is,  it calms down your stomach by increasing the sodium levels in the body there by it also solves the hangover.  Well, it is a healthy treatment you can try immediately.


Sipping one or two cups of coffee will be a solution to help the headache and upset stomach. Coffee makes the stomach to metabolize the alcohol faster. So, enjoy your coffee to treat the hangover.

Eating eggs

Eating eggs in the period of hangover is one of the ideal remedy to jump from the laziness.  There are many people getting benefit by using the eggs. Eat them scrambled, boiled or fried to dull down the hangover. Eating scrambled eggs will give you best results.

[Home remedies to treat hangover in Hindi]


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Drinking excess alcohol gives you many problems, including losing potassium. So, get the potassium through an easily available fruit, consuming a banana is a perfect choice to that time because the loss of potassium carries you tired and feels you nauseous.

Ginger tea

In treating the hangover, the next remedy that got ready for you is ginger tea. Ginger tea aids in solving the associated problems of alcohol consumption including head ache and upset stomach. It increases the flow of alcohol digestion and sets your problem. So, try to drink two or three cups of ginger tea to get rid of handover.

Simple exercise

We know it’s not the time to move your muscles and body through a workout but doing few simple exercise helps in warm up your body. Find the difference when you make it into practice.


Honey is a natural product which is rich in potassium and is really wonderful to overcome hangover. If you have drunk too much of alcoholic beverage, that can be cured if you consume some spoon of honey. Since this has fructose, the helps in boosting the metabolism and will reduce hangover. You have to take few spoons of honey in certain intervals and get rid of hangover.

Tomato juice

Another home remedy of hangover is tomato juice. Like honey this vegetable also has fructose and a sour taste which will cut hangover. The metabolism will be much faster with the help of this particular home ingredient. Also it is very good for your health with the richness in enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The after effect of drinking will be easily over with the effect of tomato juice.  You can take a cut of fresh tomato juice and add few drops of lemon in it and drink it repeatedly.

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This is one of the spice very well available in Indian kitchen that adds terrific flavor and taste to every curry. The strong smell of it will reduce the symptoms of hangover easily. You need to cut some pieces of ginger and keep on chewing it. Alternatively you can also have ginger tea in every 3-4 hours in order to stay away from hangover.

Proper sleep

You should also give some rest to your eyes and body after alcohol consumption. If you can sleep adequately at night, this can also help you stay away from hangover. Generally after consumption of excessive alcohol, people do not get the scope of sleep properly. But, this can affect your body and mind.

Oil pulling

There is another way of getting out of hang over when you are too much drunk. You must take some oil in your hand and swish it around your mouth across your teeth. You need to do this for 15 to 20 minutes and spit it out. Now you must rinse your mouth with water. You must do this randomly and stay away from hang out.