Home remedies to treat the eye infections naturally

Eye infections are very common all around the world that can be caused to poisonous smoke, dust and other infections caused by virus, fungi and bacteria. One of the most common communicable infections that affect your eyes is conjunctivitis, causing redness and itching to your eyes. Eye infections can be treated naturally at your home without much effort and risk.

People are coming across variety of disease and health condition these days. Eye infection is also one among the health issue that is suffered by several people these days due to environmental effect or any other reason. Some of the causes of eye infection include swelling in the eye, redness, irritation and problems in eye lid. People run to doctor immediately when they suffer eye infection as this is an important part of human body that makes the world visible. Doctor will prescribe the eye drop on using which your eye infection can be terminated. But, sometimes these eye drops may be really expensive and would not be affordable by every individual. Thus, you can go ahead with some home remedies that will cure your eye infection in natural way and in very less time.

[Hindi remedies to treat the eye infections]

Different measures to cure

How to reduce eye floaters

  1.  In the initial stage, you can simply sprinkle or pour a drop of breast milk that contains immunoglobulin A which reduces the growth of the bacteria in your eyes. This process should be done three time a day till the redness of your eyes reduce.
  2. Give a hot compression in your swelling eyes using boiled acacia leaves or you can mix a spoon of turmeric powder to a glass of water and use this liquid as an eye drop till the swelling reduces.
  3. To alleviate the sty to its half of the real size, you can use a moist tea bag to compress on your eyes that contains tannic acid.
  4. To reduce the redness, burning sensation and irritation caused by any infection can be cured by using jasmine mixed with boiled or distilled water.
  5. Mix equal amount of honey and water and let it cool for some time. Use a clean cloth or cotton balls to dip in this water and apply as an eye drop. You can also use a clean cloth dipped in this water to give a compression on your eyes for about 15 minutes.


Always use sunglasses while traveling to keep your eyes away from dirt and dust. Wash your eyes with fresh water when you get back home to remove any dust or dirt formed in your eyes. Give proper rest to your eyes and avoid stress. Eat healthy food rich in nutrients and vitamins to prevent any infections affecting your eyes.

Natural way of treating eye infection

Tea bags

If you have been using the tea bags in order to have tea, the tea bag will be one of the effective remedies in this regard. All you have to do is, soak the bag of tea in cold water for some time and then keep the bag over your eyes for few seconds and then remove it. You can get relaxation from the burning sensation of your eyes.

Coriander water

Medical science says, there are varieties of natural home remedies that can give better solution than that of medicines. One among such remedies can be provided by coriander water. This is having a wonderful property of reducing swelling caused in your eye.  You have to take handful of coriander seeds and soak the same in water. After an hour or two, use that water to wash your eyes.

Salt water

Tips for bloodshot or red eyes

Though very common, salt water has many benefits on several health conditions. If you have through pain, you must have sued salt water to reduce the pain. Now, another benefit provided by salt water is treating your eye infection. You need to make a salt water solution by adding salt in a glass of hot water. Wait till the water is luke warm in nature. Now dip a cotton ball and slowly apply over your eye. This will give you remedy from irritation of eye and even conjunctivitis.


You must be getting flaxseeds right at your home kitchen which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Sometimes eye infection can also take place due to free radicals in your body. You need to boil a half cup of water and add a handful of flaxseeds. You must also allow the mixture to steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Now you have to extract water and place the flax seeds in a clean wash cloth. Now make a ball and apply the flax seeds directly over your eye and see the difference.


Honey has antibacterial property which will work well in treating the eye infection. This will be really effective in treating the bacteria that is present in your eye. You can mix honey with water and apply to your eye slowly and see the difference. The bacteria inside your eye will be reduced with honey.

[Hindi remedies to treat the eye infections]