Best ways to treat the premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Menstruation is very natural phenomenon in every lady who has reached their adolescence stage. Some ladies suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) just before few days of starting the menstruation.  Sometimes the symptoms are so painful that, some important plans have to be changed due to it. Ladies are facing great problem due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Some of the symptoms include mood swings, irritability, craving for food, bloating, waist pain, body cramp etc.

[Hindi tips to treat the premenstrual syndrome]

Every girl suffers from different types of physical conditions with regards to menstrual cycle. Just before the time they become a women variety of complications can trigger their life. Most of the girls have spotting 2 -3 times before they get the menstrual cycle in full fledged fashion. Some gets stomach ache for a longer duration of time. Craving for certain items is another important fact associated with pre menstrual syndrome. There are treatments both in medical science and natural ways through homemade remedies. But, which one is suitable for you is an important fact. You can try out one process at a time to check which one is the best.

How can people get help from PMS?

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Today, medical science has well developed with regards to variety of diseases. Though, PMS is not a disease, the condition of ladies suffering from such problem becomes very irritating. Since the condition is also related to hormonal imbalances, most of the ladies avail birth control pills as well as antidepressant. Some of the popular products in this scenario include motrin, Pamprin, Tylenol etc.  You may get temporary relief from all these but these will not be a complete cure measures. Even your PMS cannot be restricted of coming back again and again.

Home remedies for PMS- Natural cure

Today, Mother Nature can provide you with the valid answer of how to get rid of premenstrual syndrome. Some of the natural ingredients are really wonderful to provide great help in premenstrual syndrome. For years herbs has been used to treat many variety of dreaded physical condition. Sometimes, medical science may also fail but herbs will never say no in treating your health condition. Herbs can communicate with the immune system of your body and provide the exact amount of nutrient that is needed to bring balance correctly. You may find the remedies that stop the problem immediately very attractive, but those are filled with side effects. As soon as you start consuming the pill,  you will carry on consuming the same again when you suffer from same problem. This will give rise to an excessive consumption of chemical substitute and increase side effects.

Home remedies of PMS are


Hundreds of years ago this natural ingredient was used by people to make an enhancement in fertility rate. In order to eradicate the process of female hormone imbalance, Maca was used by many people from years. All types of menstrual problems, symptoms of menopause as well as premenstrual syndrome gets eradicated through this wonderful ingredient. If you are suffering due to the trouble of week bones, HIV, cancer etc this is one of the effective solution.

Wild yam

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This is also known as Dioscorea villosa. This natural product has been used for years as a way to eradicate intestinal problems. People suffering from premenstrual syndrome can also go ahead with full utility of the wild yam. Pregnant lady suffering from labor pain can also avail this to get some relief from unbearable pain. Other types of menstrual issues are also treated effectively with the natural ingredient.

Lemon balm

Lemon is altogether such a natural ingredient that helps in solving variety of problems related to human health. If you want to avail the calming effect of PMS, same can be effectively done with the help of the lemon balm. Since it has the calming effect, the disease like insomnia can be eradicated with the use of it. Girls and ladies of various age group has found out good remedy of pre menstrual problem with the lemon balm.


Most of the people must be aware of this name as it provides anti inflammatory effect to people who suffer from side effects of various diseases. You can also get liver stability eradicating variety of diseases that affects your liver on a larger scale. Since the natural ingredient has the effectiveness in improving the metabolism of the body, estrogen also improves liver ability and helps in treating PMS or pre menstrual syndrome.


I am sure; you must have heard the name of chromium. The mineral has been forecasted well in the books of chemistry which also has effectiveness in improving blood pressure and reducing the problem of PMS.

[Hindi tips to treat the premenstrual syndrome]

Best ways to treat pre menstrual syndrome


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During the pre menstrual syndrome or PMS in a lady, it becomes really difficult for her to stay in her usual sense. She would go ahead with peculiar behavior such as trigger for food, crying, staying irritated etc. But, if you can go ahead with a regular exercise, this problem can be easily reduced. The types of exercise can vary from the pushups till the belly reducing stuffs.

Support from friends and family

If a lady in young age suffers from pre menstrual syndrome, this must be found out by her parents, family members and even the friends. This syndrome and mood swings can be easily wiped away with proper support extended by them. A little care and affective will speak a lot in this regard. Gradually she will overcome the price situation of this syndrome. This is the time when you remain too much depressed and highly dissatisfied.  A good care and affection is needed during this period.

Proper diet

Diet is an important fact which you must never overlook while dealing with PMS or pre menstrual syndrome. If you have been consuming the unhealthy food, it is the time to get a proper control over it. Replace the junk food with the healthy food variety that has all types of vitamins, minerals, fibers. It is also essential for you to cut the items that are sugary in nature.