How to cure blisters on tongue

It is very painful to experience blister over the tongue as this does not allow us to have our food in a comfortable way. Even it becomes very hard to get the taste of every food we intake as the pain becomes intolerable. The burning sensation can develop if you have unmindfully eaten up a hot food or a hot drink that imperatively have affected the outer layer of the tongue.

The first thing which you should do is spilt away the food or drink which you have taken inside your mouth unmindfully. Since it is burning of a portion of your body, it is important to go ahead with some simple and common first aid before going for a deeper treatment.

[Hindi tips for tongue blisters]

Blisters are one of the very painful infections that can cause to any human being. Both adults and children might get this blister in their mouth, lips, inner portion of your mouth and on your tongue. Having blisters on your tongue can make you feel irritated and you may not be able to eat food properly, because blisters can hurt. When you get a blister in your mouth you may want to get rid of it as soon as possible by trying any remedy.

There a number of remedies that you can try at your home to reduce the pain, inflammation and to get rid of these painful blisters.

Simple remedies

How to treat blisters on tongue

1)   You should drink lots of water every day that can reduce the formation of blisters. Keep a bottled filled with water near you so that you will not forget to drink and you will not feel lazy to go get water all the time. Moreover, drinking water can always keep your tongue wet that can help in reducing the pain.

2)   Gargle using cool water with salt that can help in cleaning your tongue to get rid of the bacteria present on your in your mouth. Do this two to three time a day to get a great relief. Gargling with salt water can also keep your mouth fresh and clean.

3)   When you blisters on your tongue, try to consume foods that are cold like ice creams, juices etc. This can help in keeping your mouth tongue moist.

4)   Refrain from having hot drinks like tea coffee and do not have spicy food while having blisters on your tongue. Eating spicy food and drinking hot tea or coffee can give you more pain.

5)   If you are using a mouth wash, then stop using it while having blisters to avoid any infection spreading in your mouth. You can use tea leaf oil to reduce the spreading of the germs or bacteria.

6)   In your daily diet, you can add more ginger and garlic that can help in reducing blister formation in your mouth. You can add more ginger and garlic to the food you make every day, so that it won’t be difficult for you to consume them.

These are some of the measures that you can follow to avoid or reduce the blisters on your tongue. Brush and clean your mouth twice a day. Eat good food that are rich in vitamins and nutrients and avoid drinks like pepsi, coke etc that can cause acidity in your stomach.  You cannot even speak properly when you have blister on your tongue and that can irritate you to the core. So immediately try these remedies at home as soon as possible as the ingredients of these remedies can be found at your finger tip. You can advice you friends or any family members to try these remedies when they have a blister formation. These remedies are sure to cure your painful blisters and you will feel the magic of these remedies within a day.

Tips to get relief from blister

Ice cube

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Getting ice cubes over your deep fridge will be quite easy as during summers you generally need the ice cubes for variety of reasons. Take a small ice cube from your refrigerator and put it inside your mount. Go ahead with swallowing the ice cube as this will give you an immediate relief. This might be a treatment but the development of numbness will help the person get some relief.

Milk and honey

You should try to get as much as soothing mixtures so that your tongue gets relief from the burning sensation. You can now make a cold mixture of milk and honey which will not only keep your tongue portion cold but will also increase the circulation. The area where you have developed wound can be easily treated with the nutrients present in both milk and honey mixture. This is an effective remedy to boost your tongue healing strategy. If you don’t want to drink this solution, you can also take it in a container, dip a cotton ball and dab it over your tongue.

Avoid spicy food

If you are fond of spicy and junk food, this is the situation when you should stay away from it as the spicy food can give more burning sensation to your tongue and you can suffer from pain and irritation with everlasting burning sensation.  Even this food provides a negative effect to the healing process as the citric acid present in it will create slowing of healing process.

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Natural oil spray

You can now easily create a natural oil spray with few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, 2 spoons of olive oil, 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5-6 drops of grape seed oil. For this, you would also require a spraying bottle. Add all these essential oil inside the spraying bottle and close the bottle. Once everything is inside you need to shake the bottle really well. Now spray the solution over your tongue where you are affected with the blister. Do this 2-3 times in a day to get relief.

Swish sage

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An effective herb extracted from the shrub which is always green is named as sage. This is used in making variety of dishes in both Indian and western culinary. Even the individuals practicing homeopathy medicine uses this in treating variety of health conditions. Many people have also used sage to clean their mouth and burning sensations. Take a handful of fresh sage and dry it under the sun. Now take a container with water and boil it along with sage in dried form. Separate the leaves from water and keep the solution to cool down. Now take the solution inside your mount, keep it for some time and then split away. Do this repeatedly 2-3 times in order to get relief.

Clove oil

You can also make an effective treatment with the clove oil to free yourself from the effect of blister formed over your tongue. Since your tongue is a very sensitive portion, the choice of remedies is really important. To make this treatment, you need clove essential oil of around 4-5 drops, olive oil of around ½ teaspoon, warm water and cotton ball.

Dap the oil solution over your tongue with the help of a cotton ball and stay as it is. This will give you relief from burning sensation as the clove oil has an effectiveness of making the particular portion numb.

[Hindi tips for tongue blisters]

Blisters can be really painful especially when you have your food. Tongue is the place through which you intake your food. But, if you get blister on it, this can create hot and burning sensation on your tongue. It makes consuming food really difficult. But there are home remedies that will help you remove blisters from your tongue completely. The natural way of curing blister will be really important. Some soothing touch over the tongue will be wonderful and will remove blister from the tongue completely.

Ways to cure blister on tongue

Chamomile tea bag

This will give you soothing touch on your tongue. You need to soak the chamomile tea bag in water and apply it over tongue. This will give you great relief from burning sensation over your tongue. This will also eradicate discomfort on your skin. This will also help you get speedy healing.

Clove oil

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Clove is also a natural herb that helps getting remedy from the blisters or sores formed over the tongue. You can even get the clove oil in the market. Use a cotton ball to dip it and apply it over your tongue. Do this for several times in a day and get a wonderful remedy of the blisters on your tongue.

Mint leaves

The mint leaves also work well and provides a soothing touch all over your tongue whenever you wish to cure the blisters. All you have to do is make a pulp of mint with water and honey inside it. You can now make a paste with it with the help of a grinder. Apply it all over your tongue and try to keep your tongue outside the mouth. Keep this for 10 minutes and wash with simple water.

Ice cream remedy

Sometimes having ice cream can also help curing blister from your tongue. You must really will to get the taste of ice cream but might not have chance to do so. But the ice cream must be consumed when you have blisters all over your tongue. This will keep your tongue soothing and good in shape for a long time while you suffer from blister.