5 best home remedies for weakness

People stay lethargic sometimes for no reason and deem to be weak and feeble. Even when you get up from sleep early in the morning, you feel weak due to lack of physical strength. You might not feel energetic in the process of abiding with day to day activities if you stay weak and fell apart from energy. Even after working for few minutes you will feel drowsy, sluggish as well as tired.  Sometimes due to excessive sweating and dehydration you can suffer from weakness.

[Home remedies for curing weakness in Hindi]

If you have come back from a certain medical conditions or surgery, weakness can be really common. Even people suffering from viral fever become too weak. They hardly get a scope to adopt their previous lifestyle. Doctors prescribe variety of tonics, vitamins and minerals to get back the physical strength in the patient. But, there are also ways of treating such conditions even if you don’t wish to consume medicine. Yes, the home remedies work in a fantastic way. This article will speak about such home remedies which people can adopt when they are feeling weak.

Home remedies for weakness

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Proper energy in your body can be compensated with essential nutrients present in variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of the home remedies are as follows:


A wonderful nut which has the effectiveness of Vitamin E is none other than Almonds. After consumption of it you can easily stay energetic for a long time. Magnesium also have high dose of magnesium that will help in changing fat, carbohydrates and protein. Even if you have a mild deficiency of magnesium, it can give rise to weakness. But, since Almond ahs good amount of magnesium, consumption of this nuts can easily eradicate your weakness naturally.

You can soak a handful of almond in water overnight and consume it once you get up in the morning in empty stomach. If you are travelling for a long distance and have a tendency of getting fatigue, carry roasted almonds and consume it one by one.

Indian gooseberry

Amla is a wonderful natural ingredient which is really good for your skin and hair. For years it has been used to care skin as well as hair of individuals.  But since it is rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C, irons, phosphorous as well as protein, consuming it can easily strengthen the immune system of your body and make you free from weakness. You need to extract juice from the fresh Indian Gooseberry. You also can add a spoon of honey in the solution if you feel it to be very sour in taste.  You can easily become energetic if you can drink it two to three times a day.


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Another wonderful herb extract from the Mother Nature is Licorice which has been proven to make a tough fight with different symptoms of weakness within your body. This is such a herb after consumption of which the adrenal hormones in your body will be boosted and you can get an upward motivation of metabolism.

For consumption, you need to add a teaspoon of powdered licorice in a glass of warm milk. Also add two teaspoon of honey in it. If you can drink this solution two times in a day, energy will effectively flow within your body.


Milk is considered as a complete food by the well known dieticians. It has all types of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements in equal proportion which is needed for your body. If you don’t like to have anything in your dinner at night, a glass of milk can become your complete food. Individual having major cut or loss of blood along with wound are asked to consume milk as this can replace blood in your body and make you feel energetic. The Vitamin B present in milk will always help keeping muscles and bones strong and keep you healthy for a long time.

Some people might not like the strong smell of milk. For them, it is advisable to mix flavored powder as per their choice. Otherwise consuming milk with a pinch of pure turmeric powder as well as a spoon of honey will be ideal. This will be effective when you are suffering from excessive loss of blood in your body.


Foods rich in calcium and iron

Sugar is a form of energy which helps in reducing weakness within the body of an individual. Since Banana contains natural glucose as well as sugar, it will make a quick boost of your energy. Even Banana has good amount of potassium which is very essential to boost up energy.

[Home remedies for curing weakness in Hindi]

Orange juice

Juices from fruits play an important role in keeping individual out of the weakness. Orange is one of the wonderful fruits which is rich in vitamin C and provides energy from inside. The sweetness extracted naturally also works replacing the calorie rich sugar. You must consume orange juice regularly to stay away from weakness.


This is one of the healthy diets that is also having low calorie to keep the body of individual in balanced position. It contains antioxidants that help in repairing your tissue. Your body cannot be attacked by the free radicals if you regularly consume strawberries. There will be healthy dosage of manganese and fiber to keep you healthy. You can also make juice out of it and drink it whenever you feel weak.

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Today maximum home keep raw eggs in their refrigerator. Since, egg contains protein and can be digested easily; all family members can easily consume egg. Even when you are feeling really weak, egg is an ingredient that will help you stay fit and healthy. Your tendency of body getting low well easily gets over with the egg remedy. You must consume hardboiled egg each day to get back your strength.

Warm up exercise

Sometimes when you don’t get adequate strength over the regions of your body such as shoulder, hands, legs etc it might be due to lack of physical activity. You can go ahead with some shoulder exercise, warm up session and the free hand exercises to stay away from weakness. This will ideally increase your stamina over those portions.