Foods rich in calcium and iron

An individual would require iron and calcium in order to maintain optimum health. You can now get some food in the natural environment that contains both iron as well as calcium. Growing up children and women requires calcium in their diet. Since the combination of both iron as well as calcium in a particular food is really tricky, people are really cautious about finding a food item that has both calcium as well as iron content. Some people consume calcium rich food as well as iron rich food separately. But, if you want to get both calcium as well as iron in a single food, little research will be important.

Every food that we consume must have proper amount of nutrients. Along with vitamins and carbohydrates, it is equally important for an individual to have good amount of iron and calcium. The green leafy vegetables that we consume on a regular basis has good amount of iron and calcium. But you need to know what the exact varieties that won’t keep us deficient of such mineral and nutrients. You need to have a proper diet chart made by your dietician to get a boost your health. With nutrient rich food, it will be no more impossible to stay healthy.

Foods rich in iron and calcium

Top iron high foods

Being the most abundant mineral in the body, calcium is really very crucial in maintenance and development of strength in teeth and bones. It is very important for the proper functioning of muscles, heart, body systems and nerves. Calcium rich food must include the nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin D, phosphorus as well as magnesium.   If you can consume adequate calcium in your diet, prevention of health conditions such as high cholesterol, osteoporosis will take place.

Calcium rich foods

You can easily find variety of food in the market that is rich in calcium. Some of them are


In all the milk products like milkshakes, cream, soy drinks, cheddar, cheese spread, mozzarella, edam, yogurt, parmesan etc.


we also consume various types of nuts that contain calcium in it such as Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, tahini paste,  almonds, Tofu, hazelnuts etc.


Some of the vegetables are the natural sources of calcium. You can get your entire days worth of calcium from just few serving of certain high calcium greens such as collard greens, turnip greens, garlic, arugula, mustard green, broccoli rabe, spinach, okra, Swiss chard as well as kale.


Best calcium rich foods

Some of the top fruits that contain calcium in it are bananas, blueberries, pears, pineapple, plums, limes, kiwi, guavas, apples, grapes, grape fruit… etc.


You can also get some sea fish or sea food that is quite rich in calcium contents. Some of those include Oyster, canned salmon, whitebait, salmon, fish paste etc. You may also get variety of calcium fortified food readily available in the market.


One of the important mineral which is really necessary to create new cells is none other than iron. People might not be aware of the fact that every cell of the body contains iron. Hemoglobin is a substance that is found in red blood cells that also carries oxygen from lungs to that of tissues. Body also have proper metabolism through which oxygen is stored in muscle which in turn also include iron. Every women is recommended to consume 18 milligrams of iron in diet

Iron rich foods

It is quite easy to find the foods rich in iron. Those include Oyster, tuna, shrimps, tofu, lean meat poultry, cereals, spinach, dried apricots, peaches in dried form. You can also add citrus food with these iron rich food available in the market. Since the body iron absorption can be completed with intake of citrus food, same can be consumed in an adequate amount. You can also ask your health expert and choose the variety of iron rich foods.

Food rich in calcium and iron


Health benefits of iron

You must have come across the name of common fruits and vegetables that is good in boosting you with calcium and iron. Let us speak about some uncommon food. Rhubarb is the name for one of the most uncommon foods which has good amount of calcium content.


Individuals have come across the flavor of black current in ice creams and cakes. But, did you know the health benefits of the same? You actually might not have known the benefit of this delicious fruit. If you can consume 100g of black current fruit, you can easily get 55mg of calcium in it.


Most of the fruits that we extract from the Mother Nature work really well in making up healthy and sound. Tangerines are one particular variety of fruits which is famous for being calcium rich. In every 100 gram of fruit you can get 37 mg of calcium.


These are one of the sea foods that we generally consume as an appetizer. But, you will be glad to know that, oyster is rich in iron. Now you are free to consume this food dish whenever you are out with your family to a restaurant.

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Cooked chick peas

Another wonderful food that is rich in iron is chick pea. You can get chick pea in solid form which needs to be cooked and consumed.  Every cup of cooked chick pea will be served with 5mg of iron. You must have it on a regular basis.