Top benefits of apricot in health and beauty

Many of us are aware of the health and beauty benefits of eating apricots. But have you ever noticed the perks binding by their seeds and its oil? We are going to know about it from this article. A finely chopped apricot seeds increase your dishes taste very well. Grind them to a fine powder and add them in curries or soups to enhance the flavor. This is especially done to get the health benefits. The oil extracted from the apricot seeds are widely getting popular in the usage of facial lotions with the endeavoring beauty benefits. Also dress your salads and cook the food with it to grab the nutritional benefits.

[Benefits of apricot in Hindi]

Health benefits of apricots


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The amazing benefit of apricot seeds is that it can prevent from attacking cancer with its vitamin B12. Its oil is helpful in killing the cancer cells in an immediate way. It is also useful to cure various kinds of cancers, including skin cancer, bone cancer and cervical cancer.

Controls blood pressure

To control the blood pressure levels and to maintain blood pressure the role of vitamin B17 is crucial which is available in the apricot seeds. If you can control the blood pressure level in your body, different types of stress and tension can be taken off. If you are too much concerned about the blood pressure level in your body, this is the time for you to go ahead with the natural remedy.

Boosts immunity

Apricot seeds boost your immunity. They increase the strength of the body and make it ready to combat with the common infections like cold and flu. Disease attack is really common when you have very low immunity level. This is the time for you to think in a different way to boost your immunity. Go ahead with the apricot consumption and you can do wonder.


Arthritis which has become a common problem for the old age people affects joints and makes them inflamed. Apricot seeds help to control the symptoms associated with arthritis. It works as an anti-inflammatory and gives relief from the pain. You don’t have to consume expensive medicines that relieve arthritis.

Relieves stress and pain

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Using good massaging oil like apricot seed oil will help to relieve pain and stress which is another benefit of it. It penetrates into the skin quickly, which is known as the nature of massaging oil. You can now get apricot oil in the market. There was a time when you don’t used to get the ingredients everywhere on earth due to geographical difference. But today due to globalization, you get everything handy. Apricot oil can also be used likewise.

Beauty benefits of apricot


The nature of apricot seed oil is non greasy and gentle. So with out no doubts one can apply it directly on their skin to make it moisturized and re-hydrated, it is also suggested for the oily skin and combination skin beauties. Use it particularly in the dry skin areas such as feet, hands, knees and elbows get that extra smoothing effect.  As it is very light you can also use it as a serum to the face.

Skin scrubs

For the instant smooth and glowing skin, apricot seed oil helps you very well. Just mix a tablespoon of apricot seed oil with half a tablespoon of sugar and massage it on your face similar to your general scrub. It will take away the dead skin cells and gives you refreshing radiant skin.  Make sure to do it gently rather than doing it in a harsh manner.

Healthy hair

Due to the heavy usage of bleaching and chemical products one could notice the loss of shine in their hair to treat such conditions apricot seed oil is one of the best remedies you can work with. Combine apricot seed oil with some other oils like olive oil, amla oil or general coconut oil and massage it on your head for a few minutes. This is also a working treatment to cure flaky and dry scalp.

Blackheads removal

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Blackheads are the hair like substance that forms over the corners of your nose and chin. Different people get blackheads at different part of the face. This is the result of carbon and dirt in the environment. This is also one of the forms of dead skins that are formed over your skin layer. It is the time for you to say goodbye to the same.  This can be possible if you consume apricot. The edges of your nose and corners of the face will look really attractive. You can get a smooth feel with removal of thorny like hairs named as blackheads.

Skin elasticity

Inelastic skin will be a curse whereas; people with elastic skin tone are really attractive in looks.  Apricot is one among such fruit that will help maintain proper skin elasticity. But this must be used in form of a face mask or a face pack. You need to extract the oil from the apricot fruit and apply it over your face. Make a circular motion movement to your face with your finger tips. You can also make a mixture with other oils and get the remedy for inelastic skin. (196)

Other skin problems

Individuals come across with variety of skin issues. Some have problems due to sun burns, some has allergic reaction due to intake of some food etc. Apricot is such a fruit that has good amount of vitamin C and Vitamin A. This will help you stay away from the problems like skin dermatitis, eczema, scabies etc. Due to pollution in the environment we have to face different types of skin condition. But the intake of healthy fruit like apricot will widely help.

Removal of blemishes

The blemishes formed on your skin do not look good. Those are nothing but the premature signs of aging. But, there is nothing called as impossible. It is now easily possible to remove such signs of blemishes formed over your skin. You need to make a face mask with apricot and see how well it works. You can stay youthful with no marks and signs of aging.

[Benefits of apricot in Hindi]

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